Welcome to Bobar


BOBAR is a trendsetting Tea bar, established in the beautiful city of DURBAN.

The first Gourmet Bubble Tea experience in South Africa.

Feel the magic in every sip.

SA’s first gourmet bubble tea bar

BOBAR prides itself on bringing an explosion of flavour, colour, and magic with every cup of tea. BOBAR has created something for all tea lovers and those who aren’t such a fan of the regular cup of tea.

What is bubble tea?

It is a tea-based drink that originates from Taiwan. Also known as pearl milk tea, boba tea and QQ (‘chew-chew’).

The name ‘bubble tea’ originally came from the frothy bubbles that form when the drink is shaken to mix the tea, milk, and flavorings together, but over time this has changed to refer to the bubble-like tapioca pearls in the bottom of the drink.

These were the original ‘boba’, but now the terms bubble tea and boba tea are interchangeable.

Meet Koko

The Bobarista Gorilla

Koko loves boba almost as much as he loves meeting new people. He has come to South Africa to introduce the revolution that is gourmet bubble tea to everyone he meets. We use real tapioca pearls, the best popping bubbles, freshest ingredients, flavour explosions and the we offer best service. The Magic is in every sip!

You can catch us at The Pavilion Shopping Centre and Florida Road 7 days a week as well as at various markets and pop-up events throughout the month, keep a look out on our social media page for our event pop ups and opportunities. 


Why Should You Choose BoBar Gourmet Bubble Tea?

Specially Selected Teas

Our secret milk tea recipe promises not to disappoint, and all our iced tea ranges involve a 12 hour cold brew process, so you only get that smooth explosion and yummy mind-blowing experience!

Fresh Ingredients

Our bobaristas will be adding yumminess to each cup depending on the drink of choice, such as, fresh fruit, Nutella, salted caramel, lotus biscoff, oreos, and a whole lot more!!!! We have a range of tried and tested combinations, let our bobaristas take you on a taste experience like never experienced before!!!

Mouth Watering Toppings

Our toppings need no explanation and there are a number of amazing options for you to go crazy with that will take your boba tea to another level ranging from Oreo crumble, Gummy bears, caramel popcorn, candyfloss or Tapioca Pearls or even our signature chocolate brownie that’s sure to change your life for the better!


BOBAR is a trendsetting Tea bar, established in the beautiful city of Durban. Come and visit us and #GetBobaWasted

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